Do You Want a Healthier Lifestyle?

Are you ready to change your behavior and improve your daily habits?
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Determine What Your Aspirations Are

I will do an assessment of what you want to change, how it relates to the daily behaviors you already do, and what behaviors will best work to change your behavior.


Develop Behavior Recipes to Improve Your Daily Habits

I will help you formulate behavior recipes based on your aspiration, current habits, and available time. Behavior recipes that pair existing behaviors with new desired behaviors will be incorporated into the behavior recipes to create new, desired new lifestyle behaviors.


Refine Your Behavior Recipes to Develop New, Healthy Lifestyle Habits

I will work with you on an ongoing basis to integrate and refine your behavior recipes to help you attain your new healthy habits and make them automatic in your life. Your behavior recipes will be adjusted to optimize your plans based on a review of your performance.

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