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With a Masters of Science degree in Applied Psychology and as a Certified Tiny Habits® coach, Brian is skilled at helping you successfully change your behavior.

Brian Muldowney – My Story

How I Got to Where I Am Today

I am a Triathlete, Web Developer, and Wellness Coach.  I have worked in Software Sales, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Community Mental Health, and Wellness Coaching. Since 2015, I have completed three Full Ironman triathlon races and four Half Ironman distance races.

I am adept at overcoming adversity through the use of problem-solving skills. My skill set is a culmination of my education, behavior training, experience in business, and competing in triathlons.  As with the Tiny Habit method, I can deconstruct problems into small workable parts to achieve successful outcomes.

For example, in May of 2017, I was involved in a serious bike crash that left me in the surgical ICU with a number of contusions/lacerations, a severe concussion, and fractured C1 vertebrae.  The crash was caused by a car making a left turn as I was descending on a slight hill and traveling at about 27 MPH. After six weeks of recovery, I was determined to compete in the two races I had scheduled for later that year.  I was registered for Ironman’s inaugural Lake Placid 70.3 three months following my crash and Ironman Arizona Full 140.6 race six months after. Starting with pool running and riding thirty minutes on a bicycle trainer, I was able to work up to a fitness level to participate in Lake Placid 70.3.  In November of 2017, I crossed the finish line of Ironman Arizona in 12:42:39, just six months after fracturing my neck. I was able to do so by working with my triathlon coach to come up with a training plan that used small focused efforts to build back the fitness I had lost while recovering.

I can help you refocus on taking small steps to be successful in making healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Why Work With Me?

I use the Fogg Behavior Model to help you create small simple steps you can take to improve your life. The model is based on Dr. Fogg’s groundbreaking research in Behavior Design at Stanford’s Persuasion Lab. I also have experience in going from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one and understand the challenges in doing so.


30 years of business and community mental health experience with a focus on behavior change. Seven years of competitive triathlon and road racing experience.


  • B.A. – Psychology, Roger Williams College
  • M.S. – Applied Psychology, Augusta State University
  • Certified Tiny Habits® Coach


  • TriHabit Coaching
  • Muldowney Arts, LLC
  • Datawatch
  • SBC Communications (now AT&T)
  • South Carolina Department of Mental Health


  • Three Full Ironman (140.6) Distance Triathlons
  • Ten  Half Ironman (70.3) Distance Triathlons
  • Two Olympic Distance Triathlons
  • Four Sprint Distance Triathlons

Recommended Reading

Books about behavior we suggest reading.

Behavior Change

Tiny Habits

The world’s leading expert on habit formation shows how you can have a happier, healthier life: by starting small.

Human Behavior

Predictably Irrational

In this revised and expanded edition of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Predictably Irrational, explores the hidden forces that shape our decisions.

Human Performance

The Alter Ego Effect

An award-winning performance expert reveals the secret behind many top athletes and executives: creating a heroic alter ego to activate when the chips are down.

What I Can Do For You




Eating Healthy


Manage Stress


Time Management


Optimize Sleep



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